REMIC B5201LB Live mic. for Bratsch/viola

$ 699

Price including 25% V.A.T is 875.00 USD, for private customers inside the European region.

NEW condenser microphone for all modern Bratsche/viola instruments.

This model is designed for “extreme loud” live performances, such as Folk-rock, Pop, Rock and Metal.
Astonishing high gain before feedback.
Extreme suppression of neighbor instruments and ambient noise.

Please note that the sound response of the “LB” models are more “dry” and “woodish” in comparison to the “Studio/Live” models, due to their high ambient suppression factor, but can easily be EQed for best results.


Needs 48 Volt of Phantom power


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Product Description

B 5201 LB for Bratsch / Viola

The B 5201 LB s designed for extreme loud live productions and delivers a natural, but more “dry” and “woodish” sound response in comparison to the “Studio/Live” model.
The “LB” model represents the highest suppression of ambiente sound-sources ever achieved by a condenser microphone.
So if you need a microphone with low acoustic feedback response, the B 5201 LB is the answer.

At the same time the microphone will maintain the aesthetic appearance of the instrument towards your audience, since there is no clamps and clips in order to mount and hold the microphone, you also retain a full and undisturbed view of the fretboard.
The B 5201 LB series fits on all modern bratsch/viola, while the V5200 series for violin/viola fits well on all baroque style viola(Bratsch)instruments.

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Additional Information

Microphone type

High definition pre-polarized condenser element


SAM™ (Soundboard Area Microphone)

Frequency. range

6 – 23KHz

Cartridge technology

Direct balanced


5mV/Pa (-44dBr.1V/Pa)

Power consumption

2mA / 48V Phantom


24 x 30 x 22 mm


6g (microphone only)