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Microphone Adapters for Wireless Transmitter Systems

Adapters for REMIC Microphone Models for Wireless Transmitter Systems.

REMIC MICROPHONES for Wireless Transmitter Systems

Any of the standard REMIC microphones (w/ 3 Pin XLR connector) can be used in conjunction with SHURE and SENNHEISER wireless transmitters with standard XLR, supplying 48 Volt of Phantom Power.

The Standard REMIC microphone is designed with a direct balanced output for 48 Volt of Phantom Power, in order to provide the best possible transient and dynamic response.


Using a Beltpack Transmitter with a REMIC Microphone

Due to the fact that most beltpack wireless systems does not provide 48 volt of phantom power nor a balanced input stage, a series of REMIC microphones has been designed in order to support WL systems with unbalanced input circuits and a BIAS voltage of 3 to 8 Volt.