Artist Endorsement Program

If you currently use REMIC microphones or have tried them and know that they are your first choice, in order to complete the expression of your art, you can apply for a REMIC artist designation. It is necessary that you have an established career in the music industry, have an active profile on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or your own website, if you wish to be considered as a REMIC artist.

What does it mean to be a REMIC Artist?

  • As a REMIC Artist you will become part of a respected worldwide network of REMIC representative artists, musicians and sound engineers, dedicated to high quality in all aspects of music.
  • You will be able to purchase REMIC products at a reduced price, directly from us.
  • You will gain extended warranty on your REMIC product.
  • You will receive special offers and access to purchase prototypes, in order to be a part of future developments of REMIC products.
  • You will share and provide us with photos, videos and statements of your experiences with your REMIC(s) on a regular basis.
    Which means that you have to be active on at least one of the following media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.
  • We will support your career by sharing your stories throughout our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, REMIC website) and in newsletters.
  • Occasionally we will share your storys in articles posted and printed in relevant music magazines such as FOH-online, Sound on Sound,
    Pro Audio MEA, Strings Magazine etc.

What limitations does REMIC have in supporting their artists?

  • REMIC does not pay artists to use its products. We are not a booking agency nor management service. We offer sound advice and solid referrals, but it is incumbent on the artists to define and propel his or her own career.
  • We cannot guarantee support, financial or otherwise when a REMIC artist travels abroad. The type of event, the amount of advance notice and the destination determines the amount of support REMIC is able to offer for educational events.
  • REMIC doesn’t pay artists to play at concerts other than REMIC related events. Our resources are devoted to research, educational programs and events.

What is required in the application process?

  • There are several Artist relations at REMIC and therefore each application process requires something slightly different.
  • After you have submitted the application form, you will be contacted by a REMIC representative to find out exactly what to include in your promotional package.


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