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REMIC Microphones is the leading Professional designer & manufacturer of high definition condenser microphones for classical instruments.

Based in the heart of Jutland, Denmark, we have been developing microphones specialized for classical instrument, since 1996.

Your passion is music, performing. Our passion is capturing sound of classical instruments.
To combine them, REMIC MICROPHONES has been working in close cooperation with instrument-builders, artists and sound – technicians to design the very best microphone tools for live- and studio- productions…ever.!

Therefore the products of REMIC MICROPHONES has been individually designed for each instrument group, as well as for the sound environments, aimed for best studio and live performance.

The feeling of being “in touch” with your instrument – gives you the freedom to act.
That very freedom gives you an outstanding opportunity to deliver your very best to your audience!
We give you the freedom to act….EXPRESS YOUR ART!

High definition microphones for classical instruments. For live, studio, theatre, Broadcast. All Remic microphones are designed and handcrafted in Denmark. Microphones for violin, viola, cello, upright bass, duble bass, grand piano, drums, brass instruments.Condenser microphones, non piezoelectric pickup, non piezo pickup.