RE7200 RESHAPE Microphone

RE7200 RESHAPE Microphone

The RE7200 RESHAPE is a dual-diaphragm high definition condenser microphone designed for live productions. It delivers a natural sound with fast transient response and it captures the finest and most delicate overtones of the instrument with an astonishing accuracy. The supercardioid polar pattern makes the microphone suitable for live productions where extra channel separation is needed.

The RE7200 RESHAPE is designed as an instrument microphone for use on strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass) as well as brass instruments. The microphone can also be used with the PH7000 RESHAPE pencil holder in a microphone clamp on a standard microphone stand.

With a supercardioid polar pattern, the RE7200 RESHAPE microphone is recommended for live productions requiring individual amplification of each instrument such as arena productions with crossover repertoire as well as rock and pop concerts. The microphone is feedback resistant and is designed to isolate against bleed from nearby instruments and ambient noise. The RE7200 captures an honest impression of the individual instrument with an even and very natural sound.

The RE7200 RESHAPE microphone needs 48V of phantom power.

What is in the Box?

1 x RE7200 microphone with cotton covered cable (2 meters) and XLR connector.
1 x Cable holder (grommet) for use with the violin mount, viola mount and pencil holder.

The RESHAPE mounts are sold separatly.

585.00 Price incl. VAT: 731.25 (EU only)

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