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Interview with sound engineer Anders F. Dalmose, who utilized REMIC Microphones with the Århus Symphony Orchestra at the film concert ”Pirates of the Caribbean”.

All sails were set in connection with the film concert ”Pirates of the Caribbean” with Århus Symphony Orchestra on the 30th and 31st of may 2014. The technicians at Musikhuset Århus had chosen to utilize instrument microphones from REMIC Microphones for the entire string section.

“With the REMIC it feels as if the instrument itself has been moved to the forefront of the speakers, so this is something one has to become accustomed to. It makes perfect sense, however; it is not necessary to re-amplify the reflections of the room and the sound from the PA again and again, which is what happens with other microphones. This is why the REMIC microphones grant a far bigger sense of control. And the fact that the individual string instruments are acoustically sensibly separated in the orchestra grave also contributes to there being no phase problems between them in connection with, for example, time-displacement and adding up instruments. It is evident that the instrument rather than the microphone has been kept far more in mind in the design of the REMICs. ”

“I was at no point under the impression that the red model would cause problems on “Pirates of the Caribbean”, even though the musicians were situated very closely in the orchestra grave, together with wind instruments and percussion. I also never experienced any problems in regards to interference by the other groups.”

“We could actually play a whole lot louder with REMIC microphones before acoustic feedback would occur, than we were used to with some of the other microphones we have at the venue. This being despite the other microphones having a cardioid characteristic, and the red REMIC series having an omnidirectional characteristic.”

“Unlike other instrument microphones with an omnidirectional characteristic, the REMIC has succeeded in controlling the sensitivity within a defined area, so it primarily collects the sound exactly around the instrument, and thereby secures excellent sonic isolation from the neighbouring instruments and the PA speakers. It’s quite impressive.”



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