“Finally it sounds like my cello!”

“My usual setup when micing my cello was a contact mic in combination with a small clip-on condenser microphone. – but I never got truly satisfied with the sound response. Today I tried out the REMIC C5300LB, which was an entirely new experience.”

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“The stage monitor sound is much better than what I’m used to and even without the stage monitor, the sound of my cello comes out crystal clear from the PA.
Any dynamic changes I make on my instrument is captured by the REMIC and reproduced by the PA – this is so cool. Now it finally sounds like my cello.
After that very first experience with the REMIC, I packed away my contact mic and the small clip-on mic. From now on, I’m using only the REMIC – it’s all about that cello.”

Katrine Schiøtt, Norwegian cellist.

Katrine is educated in classical music at The Norwegian Academy of Music, with professor Aage Kvalbein and Geir Tore Larsen. Although she´s a classical cellist, she prefers to work creatively in other directions such as free improvisation, contemporary music, jazz, chamber pop, indie, electro pop and other art forms.

Exploring and experimenting with her cello, Katrine Schiøtt has made her own unique sound. She appears in many different music and constellations, projects and collaborations.

With over 300 concerts abroad, Katrine has been touring in countries such as USA, Australia, Turkey, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lebanon, Portugal.

and FOH Tom Meyer adds,

“We’ve used the REMIC on another gig without a stage monitor, so she only got the sound response from the PA and from the room itself.

Katrine said that it was a lot easier to play dynamically when she could hear the “real” sound of her instrument from the PA.

In my opinion, the REMIC sounds very fine, natural, is very balanced and, as a result of this, is easy to place in the mix.

I also listened to the cello track on my headset, and found that the isolation from other instruments on stage was as good as her contact-mic.”

Tom Meyer – TM Tour Productions, Norway

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