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In-Depth Interview with Engineer/Producer Marc Urselli about the REMIC P6100 TRIPLE Kit Piano Microphones

New York and London based, three times Grammy Award winning FOH / Recording Engineer / Producer Marc Urselli explains his impressions of the new REMIC P6100 TRIPLE Kit piano microphones in an interview recently made with the chief marketing officer of REMIC MICROPHONES.

In an in-depth interview, Marc Urselli talks about how he mics up a grand piano in the studio by using different types of microphones to achieve different aspects of the sound and then mixes the signals for his preferred sound. He also explains how the REMIC P6100 TRIPLE KIT piano microphones help him achieve more midrange nuances of the grand piano and how he likes to mix the sound captured by the REMICs with the sound captured by the large diaphragm condenser microphones.

Finally, he speaks about his many years of experience as a FOH engineer in live concerts and how miking a grand piano on a live stage is a real challenge. With this challenge in mind, he explains how he believes the REMIC P6100 piano microphones will be a real game changer for live use, as they allow for better isolation than other microphone systems, because it is possible to close the lid of the grand piano, when the REMICs are mounted with magnets inside the instrument.

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