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How to (RE)MIC an Orchestra at social distancing Concerts

The Ravenna Festival in Italy was one of the first festivals in Europe to do live concerts with a special social distancing protocol already in June 2020. Social distancing of an orchestra gives certain challenges for the sound professionals in the sense that they need more microphones and more channels to control the sound.
In this interview, FOH Massimo Carli from the rental company BH Audio, which is highly specialized in classical productions, talks about how he used REMIC MICROPHONES for the celli and double basses of the orchestra to get a more natural sound and to avoid cutting away frequencies due to the windy conditions of outdoor orchestral productions.
REMIC C5300 studio/live and D5400 studio/live microphones were used for celli and double basses.
REMIC C5300 Studio/Live Cello Microphone:
REMIC D5400 Studio/Live Double Bass Microphone:
BH Audio, Italy:
Ravenna Festival, Italy: