REMIC MICROPHONES Unveils its highly anticipated new Product Series:

Copenhagen, 15 May, 2023. The Danish innovator of instrument specific microphones, REMIC MICROPHONES, launches its highly anticipated new product series, which represents a shift towards more flexible microphone solutions.


On the 1st of June, REMIC MICROPHONES will release the new product series REMIC RESHAPE. Pre-orders can be placed already now and deliveries will start in June. The development of the RESHAPE series is based on years of collected requests from the most demanding pro audio professionals in the world elite of live music productions. The product series consists of two new microphones and a series of mounts for violin, viola, cello, double bass and brass instruments. The RESHAPE series also includes a pencil holder, which allows for the microphones to be used with a standard clamp on a microphone stand.

REMIC RESHAPE, the new instrument microphones from REMIC MICROPHONES


The two new microphones follow the REMIC philosophy about having different microphone models for different sonic environments. The new RE7100 RESHAPE high-definition condenser microphone with an omnidirectional polar pattern is recommended for studio and live performance requiring moderate amplification such as chamber music, classical repertoire, orchestra amplification, jazz and folk music as well as for soloists. The microphone has a moderate isolation against bleed from neighbor instruments and ambient noise. It delivers a natural and open sound with fast transient response, and it captures the finest and most delicate overtones of the instrument with an astonishing accuracy.

The RE7200 RESHAPE is a dual-diaphragm high-definition condenser microphone designed for live productions. With a supercardioid polar pattern, the RE7200 RESHAPE microphone is recommended for live productions requiring individual amplification of each instrument and extra channel separation such as arena productions with crossover repertoire as well as rock and pop concerts. The RE7200 captures an honest impression of the individual instrument with an even and very natural sound. It delivers good isolation against bleed from nearby instruments and ambient noise.


For Technical Suppliers, Sound Engineers and Multi-Instrumentalists

The RESHAPE product series is added to the existing product range, so the original REMIC products will all be continued. The RESHAPE product series is designed mainly for customers, who need the flexibility to use the microphones with several different instruments such as rental companies, concert halls, sound engineers and multi-instrumentalists.

The REMIC RESHAPE series literally lets you “reshape” your REMIC by replacing the mount part with a mount for a different instrument.


The best of Both Worlds: Full Flexibility with Instrument specific Aspects

The benefits are many:

  • The well-known direct and natural REMIC sound, full of nuances and a fast transient response.
  • The microphones capture the finest and most delicate overtones with an astonishing accuracy, reflecting the natural sound of the individual acoustic instrument.
  • Extended signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Discrete mounting, almost hidden on the string instruments.
  • Robust cable covered in a woven cotton fabric to avoid noise, when the cable touches the instrument, a chair or microphone stand on stage.
  • Direct XLR connection.
  • Easy to repair after use in rough, fast paced live touring environments.
  • Full flexibility to use the REMIC RESHAPE microphones on different instruments.
  • Full flexibility to use the REMIC RESHAPE microphones with a distance from the instruments with the pencil holder.
  • The fast, easy, consistent, instrument specific mount design.
  • Fast to mount and unmount.
  • Consistent sound due to consistency in placement on the instrument and angle of mount and microphone.
  • Flexible foam mount that does not damage the instrument or varnish (on string instruments).
  • Designed for mounting in the optimal place on string instruments for balance between the fundamentals and overtones.
  • Great for audiovisual productions due to its hidden position on the stringed instruments.
  • Durable and reliable rubber mount for brass instruments.


More Information:

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Trine Thybo, Chief Marketing Officer
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