ARE YOU READY for this years concerts and festivals? Make sure your auditory representation is state of the art, so you can concentrate on what’s important.

Equipped with REMIC microphones the Danish string quartet “Live Strings”, are all set for this year’s concerts and festivals. Photo by: Thorbjørn Chiloux Fessel
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Your audience, your sound engineer and yourself, in particular, deserve excellent sound reproduction when playing this year’s festivals.

REMIC is known world wide for its instrument specific microphones, delivering an uncompromising sound response and easy-to-mount/unmount
design. Finally, there is also an obvious, purely aesthetic advantage to utilizing a REMIC instrument microphone, as they are not mounted with a clumsy microphone stand or clip. The sheer size and design of the REMICs enables the instrument to present itself with its natural elegance.

Choose the right microphone
Do not do yourself the disservice of settling for a general purpose microphone to capture the sound of your instrument in a live context.
The sound of your instrument and its interaction with the acoustic environment is enormously complex; too complex for these kind of microphones to handle.

Avoid general purpose microphones
As general purpose microphones are designed to be used on various instruments and are not environment specific, it often leads to a compromise in sound quality. By using a general purpose microphone for your instrument in a live context, many tonal nuances are lost in the reproduction of the sound, as a result of the “hard EQ”required in order to avoid unwanted acoustic feedback problems.

Make sure to present an exquisite and memorable performance at this year’s festivals and future concerts by choosing a REMIC microphone
and make sure your auditory representation is state of the art, so you can concentrate on what’s important: EXPRESS YOUR ART
How to choose the right kind of instrument microphone.
Read about what you should be aware of when choosing your next microphone for your instrument.

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