REMIC W3000 mic for brass & woodwind instruments (Custom)

$ 599

Price including 25% V.A.T is 749.00 USD, for private customers inside the European region.

Exceptional condenser microphone for brass & woodwind instruments.

The REMIC W3000 has now entered the second design- & development-phase and now you can order a W3000 prototype mic and become a part of the final development, by sharing your experience and thoughts about this mic.
For studio & live performance.
Superior gain before feedback.
Superior suppression of neighbor instruments and ambient noise.


Needs 48 Volt of Phantom power


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Product Description

REMIC W 3000 for brass & woodwind instruments

The REMIC W 3000 is specially designed for brass & woodwind instruments and can be used in any type of live, studio, theatre and broadcast production, and delivers a natural sound response while offering a high suppression of ambient sound- sources.
So if you need a microphone with a natural sound and low acoustic feedback response, the REMIC W 3000 is the answer. READ MORE

The microphone housing of the REMIC W 3000 is made of black natural rubber to ensure fast, flexible and reliable mounting and comes with a 4mm cotton woven MOGAMI cable with a length of 2 meter. The mic can easily be mounted on the bell of the instrument, pointing towards the neck and top valves. This position ensure a fine interaction between the fundamental- and overtone- register of the instrument.


The REMIC W 3000 are suitable for brass and woodwind instruments such as, Saxophone, Trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn, Cornet, Sax horn,
Tuba, Trombone, Tenor horn, Baritone horn, Euphonium and any related brass or woodwind instruments.




Philip Daveby
”I’m really thrilled about the Remic W3000! This is a top of the line microphone with a fantastic natural sound. I love how it makes me sound really great and at the same time is very tiny and sits perfectly on my horn. The way it allows me to move around on stage and in the audience without worrying about feedback is incredible and will definitely make my playing easier and more fun.” – Philip Daveby – saxophone

Jonne Bentlöv
“The Remic W3000 is simply one of the finest clip mics I have tried so far. Apart from the rich and natural sound, it also has great isolation wich makes it easier to control in the mix and perfect for using with electronics, preventing leaking from other sounds on stage.” – Jonne Bentlöv – trumpet (Bo Kaspers Orkester, First Aid Kit, Andreas Moe)

Pamela Williams
“I tried the mic plugged directly into a mixer and it sounds fantastic! I also plugged it into my digital audio recording program and it sounds very clean and bright and projected a nice tone from my sax.“ – Pamela Williams – saxophone


Caroline Toftild
“My first impression of the REMIC W3000 microphone is extremely positive – An excellent microphone – Clear and beautiful sound – The REMIC W3000 is very well designed and extremely easy to mount and unmount – even during a live gig” – Caroline Toftild – trumpet

Jens Dandanell
“Remic totally rethinks instrument-micing. Unbelievable combination of clarity and isolation from the rest of the stage sounds.” – Jens Dandanell – FOH (FLOD)

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Additional Information

Microphone type

High definition pre-polarized condenser element


PFM™ (Proximity Field Microphone)

Frequency. range

6 – 21KHz

Cartridge technology

Direct balanced


4mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)

Power consumption

2mA / 48V Phantom


40 x 12 mm (D x W)


16g (microphone only), 65g (mic+cable+connector)