WE PROUDLY ANNOUNCES that REMIC MICROPHONES is now being used by several artists and bands, on this years concert tours and music –
festivals around the world….and now has become a part of your music festival experience.

All over Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, Alaska, Dubai and Hongkong,
artists and sound engineers has experienced the power of REMIC MICROPHONES, which has now become the most powerful microphone tool
to obtain astonishing results in any live performance – from pure amplification of a classic string quartet to the most “noisy” death metal band.

Here is a list of some of the artists and festivals who relies on microphone tools from REMIC MICROPHONES – have a nice summer and go on – EXPRESS YOUR ART!

Within Temptation | The Analogues | Kasabian | L.O.C. | Rasmus Seebach | Henrik Jansberg Band | Habadekuk | The Brigands | Live Strings |
Tempered Steel Union | Who Killed Bambi? | The Portland Cello Project | CHESS in Concert (Sweden) | DJ Noise | Oh Land | Lydia Aimsworth |
Pink Martini | Pede B | Per Vers | Lady Lion | Astronaut and many more….

And now for some of the festivals…

Blended festival (Dubai)| New York Bluegrass Music Festival | Pickin’ in the Pasture | Roskilde Festival | Rock i Ringkøbing | Langelands Festival
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival | Mohawk Valley Bluegrass Festival | Upper Hudson Bluegrass Festival | Long Island Bluegrass festival | Nibe Festival | Grøn Koncert | TinderBOX | NorthSide and many many more….

We’ll be seeing you and hearing you out there!

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