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are you ready, ready or not

_____Hey guys – just to remind you, that your audience is ready, the sound engineers are ready and the backstage guys are ready so don’t
_____forget to bring home your REMIC MICROPHONE this year… before the music festivals starts!

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Are you ready or not for this year’s music festivals? have you chosen the right microphone for your instrument? You don’t have to perform in an acoustic chaos of feedback, bad monitor sound and no audience capable of hearing your instrument.
Now – go for the REMIC if you want to make a difference.
We’re on your side! | “The previous mini condenser mics I’ve tried couldn’t take much gain without feedback forcing me to use pickups, which I don’t feel represents my sound accurately, for larger productions, or simply go without being very high in the mix using a mic. “Turn up the violin” was something I often heard, but alas, sometimes nothing could be done given my equipment.
I like the fact that with these Remic mics, I can have a nice mic sound and get as loud as I need to, when I need to.

Both Remic mic types can take a remarkable amount of gain before feedback, and suppress ambient sounds while maintaining a wide dynamic and overtone range.”

Laurel Thomsen – American violinist/fiddler