REMIC joins Jack Sparrow & Aarhus Symphony Orchestra on this year’s film concert event.

Alfa Audio, Denmark, supplies Instrument microphones from REMIC, that has been chosen to capture the sound of the stringed section of the Aarhus Symphony Orchestra when playing live at the Pirates of the Caribbean film concert, at Musikhuset Aarhus, on May 30 and 31, 2014.

The main reasons for choosing Remics is that they deliver an astonishing clear, defined & accurate sound response of the instruments, with extreme low distortion and fast transient response as well as an extraordinary good suppression of the ambient sound field.

The Remic microphone tools that have been chosen for this live event, are the “studio series”. They carry a condenser element with omni directional polar characteristics. There is clearly a higher suppression of bleed from neighboring instruments as well as a higher gain before feedback – compared to other instrument microphones on the market, even with cardioid and super-cardioid characteristics.

For this phenomenon there is a natural explanation that we will bring in a separate article later this year.

But for now it´s breaking good news for all artists and FOHs, challenging the art of amplification of bowed instruments.

REMIC MICROPHONES has a solid focus on artists and instruments and from there we design the microphone tools individually for the specific instrument groups with different acoustic environments in mind…

All REMIC MICROPHONES products have been finally designed by detailed data collected from numerous field-tests at live- and studio- environments and are not based on data from anechoic chambers, where concerts and recordings never takes place.

The reason for this is actually mind blowingly simple…the acoustics of a microphone or instrument aren’t the same in a live- vs studio- situation, as they would be in an anechoic chamber.

This has been a part of the pioneering work of REMIC MICROPHONES since 1996, along with a close collaboration with artists and instrument builders around the world.


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technology – which REMIC states allows the sound of an instrument to be “partly captured immediately after the first air molecules are set in motion by the soundboard of the instrument” and partly “in a limited and strongly controlled nearfield, which captures the overtone register of the instrument” – the aim is of course, to eliminate pollution from unwanted sources of sound, like reflections from the venue, PA system, stage monitors and other instruments.the best microphone for violin, the best microphone for cello, the best microphone for double bass, upright bass, how to choose the right microphone,the best microphone for live performance, the best mic for live performance, the mic that doesn’t feed, anti feedback mic, anti feedback microphone.