After several requests, we have decided to launch a new product line, THE STRING QUARTET STUDIO KIT (REMIC RED Series).

The kit consists of 3 pcs. Violin/viola mics and 1 pcs. Cello/Violone mic.

The studio series can also be used at live productions from club gigs to full symphonic orchestra setups.

Also available as “LIVE KIT” (REMIC GREEN Series), for live productions in context with folk,pop,rock,metal and DJs.

This is the ultimate instrument microphone kit for studio/live performing string quartets and full symphonic orchestra setups.
High definition condenser microphones with superior feedback suppression and high isolation of nearby instruments.

Among others, the Live Strings, string quartet, has been using the products of REMIC MICROPHONES for two years and are all set for this years festivals.

Down the line in the following years, we will supply artists and technicians, with more powerfull microphone tools, aimed for other instrument groups such as piano, Grand piano, drums and percussion, accordion, vocal and more.

So this year you should settle for gigs without, acoustic feedback from PA, stagemonitors and unwanted bleed from other instruments,
Indulge yourself with the sound of your instrument – and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival – go on – EXPRESS YOUR ART.

Spread the news and find out more at the “PRODUCTS” site. or contact our sales representatives for more info.

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