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Capturing the sound of a grand piano is often met with a lot of compromises and many of these are based on traditions.
In live situations it often includes mic. stands in front of the piano or gooseneck mics sticking out on the top of the grand, which is quit annoying to both artist and audience. At the same time the sound engineer aims for the best possible sound, but a struggle is
inevitable in order to reach the final goal, for many reasons. Since 2011, Artists, Concert Halls, Theaters, Broadcasters and Recording studios have been using and testing several variants of our Grand Piano microphone. Now we have gathered all experiences and knowledge in this new microphone – based on our latest technologies.

If there is sound, any sound at all, springing from your instrument – it’s captured – the finest details – every nuance – with an accuracy and transient response so clean that no eye will be left dry in the house! Soon a brand new and innovative high definition stereo microphone will enter the stage and set a whole new standard of how to capture the full sound of the Grand.

Capturing sound of classical instruments is our force – making one less barrier between artist and audience, bringing justice to both artist and instrument – this is our true mission!

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