REMIC P6100 Prototype Microphone Kit for Upright and Grand Piano – LIMITED EDITION – ONLY 25 KITS AVAILABLE

    The REMIC P6100 piano microphone series is a limited edition series made in 25 kits only.

    The P6100 piano microphone kit is designed for studio and live productions and delivers a natural sound with clear definition. The microphone kit is mounted inside the upright or grand piano onto the iron frame with strong magnets that keep the microphones firmly in place and makes mounting fast and easy.

    The P6100 piano microphone kit for upright and grand piano consists of 2 microphones with high definition condenser elements. The REMIC P6100 kit is very suitable, when you are aming for a sound with clear definition and accuracy. The REMIC P6100 piano microphone kit captures the sound of the piano with clarity and definition particularly in the upper mid and high end frequencies.

    Whether you should use the REMIC P6100 kit alone or with a complimentary microphone setup will depend on the genre (for example pop vs. classical) and the desired artistic expression.


    Needs 48 Volt of phantom power.

    The indicated price is for a kit of 2 microphones.

    Feedback from the Field

    “I loved the P6100’s, one of the major historic issues with mic’ing a grand piano is access and positioning, with these little beauties the design is just genius, soft padding, beautifully wrapped cable so no danger of damaging your instrument and wait for it…… magnetic, yes magnetic simplicity at its best, they also sound great, warm and natural open sound able to catch fast transients. Fine adjustments on positioning can quickly and easily be made to fine tune your sound. I so enjoyed their ease of use, brilliant.”

    – Wayne Sargeant, live sound engineer



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