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VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Los Angeles based Artist, The Other Deepak, recommends REMIC MICROPHONES

The Los Angeles based artist, The Other Deepak, recommends REMIC MICROPHONES for violin. In this video interview, Deepak Ramapriyan, also known as “The Other Deepak” shares his views and experiences with the REMIC V5200 microphone for violin.

“The Other Deepak” is a Los Angeles based virtuoso singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, dancer, record producer and currently the lead singer and violinist for the pop/rock/electronic group Robot Nature. As a composer, he has created cues and songs for various TV/Film/Commercial spots and is currently creating new musical content for a full season of the Disney animated series, Mira, Royal Detective. Deepak is an official REMIC artist since 2018.

In this interview, Deepak mentions that he believes REMIC MICROPHONES for violin beat some of the classic condenser microphones that are usually used to capture sound from an acoustic violin. The Other Deepak explains how to mount the REMIC V5200 series for violin and how the instrument specific REMIC condenser microphones allow him to capture a much wider frequency range than the usual pickups used traditionally to do close miking of an acoustic violin, allowing him to capture his signature sound.

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