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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Meet our founder Thorkild Larsen and the new CEO of REMIC MICROPHONES Stig Lumbye

Thorkild Larsen, founder and inventor of REMIC MICROPHONES has decided to dedicate even more time to product development together with artists, sound engineers and instrument makers.

Stig Lumbye, previous research and development manager of Brüel and Kjær steps in as the new CEO of REMIC MICROPHONES. Stig has dedicated most of his career to the world of acoustics and as the R&D manager at Brüel and Kjær, a world leading company in sound and vibration technology, he contributes with deep insights about development of microphones.

REMIC founder Thorkild Larsen will continue his lifelong dedication to the development of the unique REMIC instrument specific microphones and with his deep knowledge about instrument acoustics, he will be fully dedicated to develop new innovative microphones with the well-known high-end REMIC quality.

At REMIC MICROPHONES, we believe in real people in real environments, which is why you get a sneak peak into Thorkild’s very authentic and artistic development lab.