REMIC W3000 microphone for brass & woodwind instruments

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IntroductionNow live on Kickstarter.

Playing the sax, trumpet or trombone? Then this new instrument microphone is exactly what you need! It is our latest prototype, the
REMIC W3000 microphone for brass- and woodwind instruments, and it is almost ready. We just need your and all of your music loving
friend’s support, to help us get there!

Your passion is music and performing. Our passion is capturing sound of classical instruments. To combine this, REMIC Microphones
has been working in close cooperation with instrument-builders, artists and sound technicians to design the very best microphone
tools for live- and studio- productions.

We want our microphones to make your instrument sound exactly like your instrument at all times. We want to strengthen the
musician-to-technician relationship and work closely together with you, to keep improving the microphones.

We need your help to fund the mold, adapting filter and tools for the production. Right now the products are handcrafted, but with
your contribution we can take this production from a “prototype” production, to a real series production.

Check out the KICKSTARTER campaign here