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New Danish microphone technology ensures an immensely improved live sound, due to the best suppression of acoustic feedback ever achived, and thereby sets an entirely new standard in the field of audio performances at live concerts, live broadcasts and live recordings.

At live concert productions where a violinist, cellist or bassplayer must play along with other instruments such as horns, electric guitars, drum kits etc., there is always a lot of compromises to consider in order to avoid – acoustic feedback from stage monitors or PA and unintended bleed from other instruments and yet be able to mix a great sound.

But that´s history – REMIC MICROPHONES has developed new technologies based on inbound knowledge of instrument acoustics, but first and foremost through our close cooperation with instrument builders, artists and sound technicians – this way, a whole new series of microphones for classical instruments has been designed for artists by artists.

Down the line in the following years, we will supply artists and technicians, with more powerfull microphone tools, aimed for other instrument groups such as piano, Grand piano, drums and percussion, accordion, vocal and more.


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technology – which REMIC states allows the sound of an instrument to be “partly captured immediately after the first air molecules are set in motion by the soundboard of the instrument” and partly “in a limited and strongly controlled nearfield, which captures the overtone register of the instrument” – the aim is of course, to eliminate pollution from unwanted sources of sound, like reflections from the venue, PA system, stage monitors and other instruments.the best microphone for violin, the best microphone for cello, the best microphone for double bass, upright bass, how to choose the right microphone,the best microphone for live performance, the best mic for live performance, the mic that doesn’t feed, anti feedback mic, anti feedback microphone.