REMIC instrument specific microphone for cello (live version)

REMIC MICROPHONES is the only company in the world that makes instrument specific microphones for acoustic string instruments such as the violin, viola, cello and upright bass. This month, it became official that the Danish Growth Fund and a group of investors have provided a growth capital loan for REMIC MICROPHONES to expand further into international markets.

Most microphones on the market for string instruments are based on a more or less standardized technology, which does not represent the authentic and true sound of the instrument. This is not a satisfactory solution for a violinist playing an instrument worth millions because of the unique sound of this particular violin.

REMIC MICROPHONES is based in Denmark and develops high-end microphones, which are designed to capture the sound according to the acoustic profile of the instrument and amplifies it as close to the original sound as possible. This is a completely new way of looking at technology to amplify the sound of acoustic instruments. The REMIC MICROPHONES’ technology optimizes the experience at live concerts and the microphones are close to a “plug-and-play” solution.

”This is a Danish high-end product, which has been incredibly well received by professional musicians all over the world. With the new growth capital loan REMIC MICROPHONES gets the opportunity to implement a growth strategy, which will lead to increased exports all over the world of a product, which is both developed and manufactured in Denmark. We look forward to following the exciting development of the company,” states Søren Grønbæk Nielsen, senior relationship manager at the Danish Growth Fund.

”There is a huge growth potential in the new markets for REMIC MICROPHONES. The increase of capital will ensure that we create an even stronger brand awareness and much stronger presence in international markets,” states Thorkild Larsen, CEO of REMIC MICROPHONES.

Trine Thybo, Marketing Manager,, +45 61 200 300