REMIC MICROPHONES give voice to the string players at the Avicii Tribute Concert attended by 58.000 people in the Friends Arena, Stockholm

Avicii Tribute Concert - Photographer Lena Larsson

Photo by: Lena Larsson

On the 5th of December 2019, many artists who know Avicii (aka Tim Bergling) personally performed at the Avicii Tribute Concert in Stockholm. Tim Bergling passed away in 2018 and was one of the most successful, acclaimed producers, performers and song writers in Scandinavia, who obtained international success at a very early moment of his career. In loving memory of Tim Bergling, selected artists performed at the TV live transmitted Avicii Tribute Concert in the very large Friends Arena for 58.000 people.

REMIC MICROPHONES were chosen by the FOH engineer of the show, Wayne Sargeant, who was also personally working with Tim Bergling since 2013. In the following interview, Wayne reflects on why he chose REMICs for the 25 string players on stage for this type of venue and the Avicii repertoire.

What was your role in the recent Avicii Tribute Concert?
I was Front of Hose Audio engineer on this show. I knew Tim Bergling personally as I started working with him in 2013 on the True tour.

Which other artists and genres do you usually work with?
I work with many genres of music, but mainly dance and hip hop with artists such as Kasabian, Dizzee Rascal, Swedish House Mafia, Axwell & Ingrosso, MTV and Brit Awards.

FOH of the Avicii Tribute Concert Wayne Sargeant

FOH Wayne Sargeant

What kind of genre would you label Avicii’s music?
Electronic dance music. Folktronica.

What kind of instrumentation was used in the Avicii Tribute Concert? 
We had a large set up:  2 full acoustic/electronic drum kits, synths and traditional bass, 2 large keyboard set ups, 3 guitarists playing acoustic and electric plus guest guitarists, 10 piece gospel choir, 25 piece string section, brass section, trumpets , trombones, saxes, flutes, clarinets and 16 different vocalists using radio microphones and vintage microphones. 128 basic inputs.

What were your concerns about the use of microphones for the string section?
Friends Arena in Stockholm has poor acoustic qualities and it is very large. Another concern of mine was also achieving a good level with the orchestra to get over the electronic music and the spill of the audio system in the venue.

Which version of the REMICs did you chose and why?
I used the REMIC LB live versions for violin, viola, cello and double bass. I chose them for their amazing gain before feedback and overall sound quality.

What challenges are the REMICs able to solve that other instrument
microphones are not able to solve in a production like the Avicii Tribute Concert?
REMIC microphones have an amazing feedback rejection, their signal level to background noise ratio is second to none. Compared other microphones, nothing comes close. Very impressive.

What was the reaction of the string players when you first presented them with the REMICs?
The string players were interested, some had used the REMIC microphones before. After I had set levels and eq to my taste, the head of the orchestra was very impressed saying it was the best he had heard.

REMIC MICROPHONES at Avicii Tribute Concert. Photographer Oskar Brewitz

Photo by: Oskar Brewitz

How were the REMICs different from other microphone solutions you usually work with?
Compared to other comparable microphones, the REMICs are smoother sounding and less harsh. They have an amazing low end response, normally I have to eq this area as there is too much spill from the room. This gorgeous direct sound complements the instrument’s natural sound and give a really true representation.

REMIC MICROPHONES used in an unusal way, upside down.

What is your overall impression of the chosen REMIC microphone model you used for the Avicii Tribute Concert?
I absolutely love them – and they made the show a great success by solving one of my major concerns for the show.

Anything else to add?
I would recommend REMIC microphones to anyone – they are the best string microphones I have heard, period!

REMIC MICROPHONES at Avicii Tribute Concert - Photo by Oskar Brewitz

Photo by: Oskar Brewitz

The Tim Bergling Foundation:
The Avicii Tribute Concert was a charity event organized by the Tim Bergling Foundation, which was created by Klas Bergling and Anki Lidén and their family after the death of their son Tim Bergling (Avicii). The Tim Bergling Foundation will advocate for the recognition of suicide as a global health emergency and promote removing the stigma attached to the discussion of mental health issues. It will support science-based organizations that engage in research into the causes and prevention of suicide, particularly for young people.

Watch the official full Avicii Tribute Concert:

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