REMIC DK-7 mic set for drum kit (Custom)

$ 3999

Price including 25% V.A.T is 4,999.00 USD, for private customers inside the European region.

Exclusive studio and live microphone set for drum kit.

The REMIC DK-7 set has now entered the second level of design stage and can be ordered as customized prototypes.

Become a part of the final deployment, by sharing your experience and thoughts about these mics.



  • Easy to mount/unmount
  • No mic stand needed
  • Accurate & natural sound response
  • High definition condenser microphones
  • Wide dynamic range
  • For live | studio | theatre & broadcast production
  • 4 meter cotton woven signal cable
  • Handcrafted in Denmark

Needs 48 Volt of Phantom power
For connectivity to microport systems please contact us.


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Product Description

REMIC DK-7, Exclusive studio and live microphone set for drum kit.

The REMIC DK-7 mic set for drums consists of 7 pcs. of High-definition condenser microphones and can be used for any type of live, studio, theatre and broadcast production, and delivers a natural sound response.REMIC DK-7 MIC SET FOR DRUM KIT

Each microphone housing is made of black natural rubber to ensure fast, flexible and reliable mounting and comes with a 4mm cotton
woven MOGAMI cable with a length of 2 meter. The mics can easily be mounted on the rim of the drums and on the stand for cymbals.
This means that you can get rid of all loose clamps and mic stands, that often takes up a lot of space around the drum kit.

The REMIC DK-7 mic set comes in a custom hard-shell SEAHORSE™ case and the strong yet light polypropylene construction is dent proof, crack proof and chip proof.
When your job takes you out into every kind of weather or environmental hazard, peace of mind about your sensitive microphones will
never be one of your concerns because inclement weather and harsh conditions are not likely to ever be a problem.
Also an Automatic Purge Valve with a GORE-TEX® membrane will equalize the air pressure but not ever allow moisture or dust to enter inside.


The DK-7 kit consists of following mics, which can also be ordered separately.

  • 1 x BD1100 for the bass drum
  • 4 x DR1000 for snare and tomtoms
  • 2 x HC2000 underhead mics for cymbals


The polar pattern of each microphone is omnidirectional, therefore the REMIC DK-7 mic set can easily be used in any studio and live production.

If more mics are needed in order to cover a larger drum setup, the microphones can be bought individually.
Please contact your dealer or REMIC MICROPHONES for a special offer.

Placement of the REMIC DK-7 microphones


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Additional Information

Microphone type

High definition pre-polarized condenser element


PFM™ (Proximity Field Microphone)

Frequency. range

6 – 21KHz

Cartridge technology

Direct balanced


4mV/Pa (-50dBr.1V/Pa)

Power consumption

2mA / 48V Phantom


274 x 250 x 124 mm (case)


1,7 Kg (3.8 lbs), (case with microphones)