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REMIC V520 Violin Microphone and D540 Double Bass Microphone

REMIC MICROPHONES now offers two new microphone models for violin and for double bass. The V520 and D540 instrument specific microphones are only offered in a limited number: 25 units of each model.

$399.00 Price excl. VAT/TAX
$399.00 Price excl. VAT/TAX

REMIC Microphones for the Home Studio

The REMIC V520 for microphone for violin and the D540 microphone for double bass are developed for the artist or engineer, who needs high quality recording microphones at a fair price for the home studio or for amplification of indoor performances with low sound pressure levels.


How are the V520 and D540 different from V5200-Series and D5400-Series?

V520 / D540 V5200-series / D5400-series
Built-in windshield No Yes
Gold plated XLR Connector No Yes
Variations of the model No Yes, in LB Live and WL+WLM for wireless
Options for wireless systems No Yes
Sensitivity tolerance +/-3 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz) +/-2 dB (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Pouch for transportation included No Yes
Hard case packaging No Yes